Major tourism promotion run by four chambers of commerce in Northumberland gets review

Nancy Allanson

Trent Hills Chamber of Commerce Executive Nancy Allanson talks about the state of tourism as the summer of 2022 gets underway. She also looks back at the Right Here in Northumberland campaign that ran over the fall of 2021 into the spring of 2022.

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Tourism in Ontario is a $38 billion business. It is a critical part of Northumberland County’s economy. It generates $120 million annually, according to a 2021 county report.

Tourism operators and related businesses have faced tough times for the past two years. Lockdowns, travel restrictions, and various public health measures crippled the industry.

Now, as the restrictions ease, people are starting to travel more. Tourists are returning as venues and events prepare for the summer of 2022.

In this interview, Nancy Allanson, executive director of the Trent Hills Chamber of Commerce, talks about the trials, tribulations, and triumphs as this beleaguered industry climbs. Allanson will take us back to a significant promotional campaign called Right Here in Northumberland.

It will look at the impacts of the pandemic on entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees and the economic consequences. As well, she will look forward to what is ahead.

Originally aired: June 17, 2022

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