Large fire at Cobourg warehouse complex

First published: April 25, 2005

By Milne Hall

About 14:30 today, I was just stepping outside my front door when I saw a large black cloud stretching from the D’Arcy Street/Elgin Street East to beyond the horizon to the east. The smoke was several kilometers high, and the volume of smoke was something I’ve never seen before.
I picked up my camera and headed over towards the gerenal area where the smoke was originating: the Northam Industrial Park.

As I got closer to the park, the magnitude of the blaze was becoming clear. When I reached D’Arcy Street, the odor of burning plastic, the heat from the fire and the sound of the blaze were overpowering.

The sound was like listening to Niagara Falls from a few meters away.

Just then a policeman told me to leave the area, so I headed for home.
At around 19:00 there was only a small fraction of smoke coming from park.

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