Re: Grits Spending like Drunken Sailors

First published: April 18, 2007

By Ted Amsden

Methinks Mr. Washburn snacks too deeply on sour grapes. As a frequent haunter of two towns that don’t rate advance signage on the 401 because they are perceived as insignificant, I am very impressed that Lou Rinaldi has obviously got the ear of Premier Dalton McGuinty.
If some of the pork barrel spillage seems a bit frivolous- outdoor artificial rink for Cobourg’s waterfront- so be it. I, too, question the success of an outdoor artifical rink in this day of increasingly warmer winter breezes. Whatever. Everybody knows politicians smile too much. Going on about the condos downtown, Mr. Washburn should stand beside the CIBC building on King Street and look south. We have got a sight line from King Street to the end of the east pier that is quite magnificent. The glass is defintely half full in Cobourg. I think Mr. Washburn should be using his well-honed oratorial skills to whisper warm and friendlies in Lou’s ear so that maybe the next time the gravy train stops in these parts we got what Rob wants.

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