Interviews, quotes and stories

Occassionally, I get interviewed for stories. It seemed like a good idea to put all these in one place. So here they are in no particular order.

Blogging the Spotlight: By Samantha Israel. Ryerson Review of Journalism. The importance of blogging in Canadian journalism.

Mighty Mouse: By Colin Putney. Ryerson Review of Journalism. Uses of computer-assisted reporting in creating stories.

Investigating Harvey: By Canice Leung. Ryerson Review of Journalism. CBC Fifth Estate reporter Harvey Cashore’s Airbus investigation.

At the Corner of Hope and Hype: By Wendy Gillis. Ryerson Review of Journalism. A profile of Open File as hyperlocal news.

Cobourg journalist and educator experiments with technology: By Cecilia Nasmith. Hyperlocal news research project in Cobourg.

How to Rescue Canadian Journalism: By Kai Nagata. The Tyee. The role of hyperlocal news in saving Canadian journalism.

CKLN picks up static: By Saul Chernos. Now Magazine. The fight to keep Ryerson University’s campus radio station.

Canadian Cyberspace Survey Concerns Leading Journalist College – Results To Impact Teaching: International Teledata Group. Groundbreaking study of journalists’ use of online tools in 2000.

Newspapers were an intimate part of life in early colonial times: By Ted Amsden. Northumberland Today. The significance of early newspapers in the development of Upper Canada.

James Cockburn Day on Saturday: By Cecilia Nasmith. Northumberland Today. The founding of James Cockburn Day.

E-journalism seeks to educate, engage and empower: By Jennifer Higgs, Axiom News. Describes the principles of e-journalism.

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