Census for 2022 shows changing mix of religions in Northumberland County

Rev. Neil Ellis

Rev. Neil Ellis, minister at St. Andrew \’s Presbyterian Church, sheds light on changing religious makeup of Northumberland County.

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More than half of Northumberland County is Christian. Yet, most churches in the community sit with mainly empty pews. Nearly the same number say they do not have any faith. That could explain it.

But that would be an oversimplification, says Rev. Neil Ellis, minister at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Cobourg. At this time of year, many people return to the church to celebrate Christmas.

The recently released StatsCan Census data for 2022 also indicate a more diverse community in Northumberland as other faiths such as Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Sikh are rising. Ellis will share his insights and more.

Originally aired: December 16, 2022

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