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Port Hope mayor floats proposal to hire a new CAO

Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson explores the idea of hiring a chief administrator as he admits his views on municipal civil servants is changing. Sanderson also calls the lack of emergency shelter in Port Hope a crisis, saying he will call on council and staff to see what can be done. This and more is part of a conversation on Consider This Live, part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM.   Continue Reading →

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Future of Transition House hangs in balance as county pulls funding

Cobourg Mayor predicts closure of 24-hour emergency shelter after county council expedites new housing program
The future of one of two 24-hour emergency shelters for homeless people in Northumberland County is hanging in the balance after County council has pulled its funding. Meanwhile, Cobourg Mayor Gil Brocanier predicted in an interview Wednesday that Transition House will likely close after the cut in financial support. Transition House board of directors vice-chair Bridget Jokitalo said Friday a letter from the County arrived last week notifying them of a change in funding. While she was unable to provide details about the amount of money, she said it was enough to create a serious situation for the board and the future of the shelter. “It is very precarious,” she said, adding she would not comment any further until the board meets shortly to decide what’s next. Continue Reading →

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BEN’S BITS: Apartment opponents take last shot before rezoning approval

By Ben Burd

One hour 43 minutes and a few moments:

The first part of the meeting was a joint presentation to a combined hockey team that had succeeded in the season. In the remarks from both presenters – the two Mayors of Port Hope and Cobourg, the dreaded “A” word surfaced. Mayor Brocanier uttered, “Amalgamation (for the hockey teams of both Towns)is a success!” Ashley Purdey, the Communications Officer, made a presentation explaining the viral video that came from the Marina security cameras. This video, an interaction between a fox and an owl, was put up on social media to generate positive publicity for the Town and has generated inquiries from the world. Continue Reading →

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A proposed five to eight percent tax increase in Cramahe Township

By Mandy Martin
CRAMAHE TWP. — Expect a 5-8% tax increase in Cramahe Twp. taxes this year. At present, the municipality is planning to raise $5,878,810 to operate in 2018, nearly 13% more than in 2017. While the total value of properties on which taxes are levied has increased nearly 2% this year, so has the need to provide more services, cover the increase in the cost of living, energy, etc, Cramahe Treasurer Nicole Leach-Bihun noted at Cramahe Twp. Continue Reading →

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BEN’S BITS: New Year; new time

Mayor opened the meeting and said, “Welcome to the first meeting of a new year. And at the time of 4 p.m., hopefully, this will be beneficial to all maybe we can get away from long night meetings! Deputy Mayor John Henderson introduced a Notice of Motion – wants to set up an ad hoc committee to study council pay. The last time this happened was when Deputy Mayor Bob Spooner appointed his pals from the Dutch Oven breakfast club to do the same. Never happened; too much public opposition. Continue Reading →

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New contributor to Consider This, welcoming former blogger Ben Burd

It is wonderful to announce Ben Burd agreed to come out of retirement to contribute some items from Cobourg council meetings. The Burd Report was the first blog in Cobourg to address local news and issues, but the site was recently retired. Ben, a former Cobourg councillor, NDP candidate and local activist, expressed an interest in providing notes on meetings from his winter home in Mexico to help fill any gaps in local news coverage. His pieces will fall under the title, Ben’s Bits. This is part of Consider This initiative to provide a platform for local news from alternative sources. Continue Reading →

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Rural Alnwick Haldimand meets challenges with strategic plan, says mayor

Alnwick Haldimand Township Mayor John Logel describes the challenges facing his rural municipality; where there are no major urban centres, a major swath of environmentally sensitive lands and limited commercial development opportunities exist. Listen to hear how the council keeps the township on track with its strategic plan. Roads, budgets along with the parks and recreation master plan are all topics also covered during Consider This Live, part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Continue Reading →

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Protocols for extreme cold to protect homeless being proposed in Cobourg

Cobourg council is expected to introduce protocols Monday to deal with homeless people facing extreme cold, a top bureaucrat said Friday. Chief Administrative Officer Stephen Peacock said he is taking a request to the general government committee to create a policy to provide assistance for homeless people during times of frigid temperatures similar to those experienced since the new year. It will be up to Deputy Mayor John Henderson to make a recommendation that staff draft a procedure similar to those in other municipalities to respond when particular conditions exist threatening extreme cold in the winter. “It makes sense to have something we can use,” he said. Currently, the Town designates six places as warming and cooling centres during extreme weather, but there are no specific rules. Continue Reading →

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