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Controversial waterpark for Cobourg’s beach addressed by town reps

Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture Dean Hustwick and Councillor Brian Darling discuss the merits of a new waterpark for Victoria Beach starting this summer, as well as provide details of the approval process and the final split decision earlier this month. The pair responded to critics and supporters as part of a special edition of Consider This Live, part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM Continue Reading →

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Taxpayers group unsettled by Cobourg council’s approval of waterpark for Victoria Beach

The president and a director from Cobourg Taxpayers Association raise concerns about Cobourg council’s process in approving a new waterpark for Victoria Beach this summer during Consider This Live, part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture Dean Hustwick and Councillor Brian Darling give council’s side here.   Continue Reading →

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BEN’S BITS: Highly engaging public meeting mark last council meeting

By Ben Burd

Apologies for not posting for the last two meetings but the Town’s much-vaunted attempt to post meetings to youtube failed. Three weeks ago a system failure which merited attention by the complete IT team and last week the operator forgot to flip a switch to turn the audio on. For another report on this meeting click here to read “Council News” from 89.7 radio. They cover the topics glossed over in this one. March 19th Regular Council meeting, all except the rumoured non-candidates in the next elections – Cllrs McCarthy and Rowden both absent. Continue Reading →

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Piccini on Ford’s victory and its impact on local riding

Progressive Conservative candidate David Piccini talks about the leadership vote held last Saturday where Doug Ford won the leadership race. Piccini describes his own thoughts as his candidate, Christine Elliot, lost a very close race, as well as discussing the impact of Ford’s policies on Northumberland-Peterborough South. It is all part of a special edition of Consider This Live, on the Drive Time, Northumberland 89.7 FM. Continue Reading →

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Port Hope looks to create its own homeless strategy, mayor says

Following an interview on Consider This Live, Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson is putting pieces in place to create its own plan to help homeless. Port Hope’s mayor wants council to integrate a response to help the homeless in its upcoming strategic planning session within the next few months, he said Thursday in an interview. Mayor Bob Sanderson met with Green Wood Coalition Community Director David Sheffield recently to discuss ways in which the municipality can address the issue of homelessness. He hopes to form a committee to make recommendations to council regarding temporary emergency shelters within Port Hope, as well as other issues related to homelessness. To ensure something is done, Sanderson said this initiative must be integrated into the municipality’s strategic plan, a document developed with the help of councillors, municipal staff, and the public. Continue Reading →

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No apology from council regarding Polutnik, says Port Hope mayor

Despite a direct public appeal to council from a resident asking for an apology, Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson said no, but expect some changes to the code of conduct. Port Hope residents looking for an apology from its council regarding the behaviour of one of its councillors won’t get one, the mayor said Thursday. Mayor Bob Sanderson said council has done its job and there is no need for any public apologies to those people affected by the actions of former councillor Robert Polutnik. It is up Polutnik to make his own apologies, Sanderson said. “You won’t see council offering anything,” he said. Continue Reading →

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Tour of new Venture 13 building keeps councillors, media up to date on progress

Media and Cobourg town councillors were given a tour of the new Venture 13 space on Friday while it is undergoing renovations as part of a public information campaign to keep residents up to date as the $2 million project progresses, said Communications Officer Ashley Purdy. Here is a photo gallery of the tour. Venture 13 is the town’s new entrepreneurial incubator to draw new and small business to the area. More to come… Continue Reading →

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BEN’S BITS:Gender parity, animals on display and councillor reports

Observations: No Mayor present, Deputy in Chair. Nothing really unusual as the topics on the agenda were discussed last week in the committee of the whole. But one issue did spark a bit of discussion that never happened last week. The motion to appoint an Ad-Hoc committee to investigate Council pay brought out a letter from a local resident, a familiar name – Emily Chorley, who pointed out that all of the named appointees were male. “On a committee of seven why cannot we have one female?” she wrote. Continue Reading →

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