LHIN should release report to community

northumberland hills hospital

By Robert Washburn

It appears consultants and bureaucrats are more important than you and me when it comes to any discussion of proposed changes to Northumberland Hills Hospital. And, any sense of transparency or public accountability has gone out the window, according to media reports last week. “A directive (was released late Monday) to defer internal and external engagement activities regarding 2016/2017…the first phase of the Hospital Improvement Plan,” according to the local news media. Meanwhile, the Local Health Integrated Network (LHIN) floated tidbits to the public in its own report on a consultant’s recommendations regarding $2.5 million in cuts to the hospital over two years. There will be changes to support services, medical and surgical units, as well as combining the restorative and palliative care units. Continue Reading →

Cobourg budget process thrown wide open

John Henderson

By Robert Washburn
In a bold move to offer more transparency to the municipal budget process, Deputy Mayor John Henderson announced a series of public meetings to allow citizens to get input. While the town budget is a massive and complex undertaking, Henderson is providing numerous opportunities over the next five months. In some cases, those interested will be given a chance to offer ideas and suggest priorities. In others, the process itself will be more open as previously closed meetings become public. It is a welcome breath of fresh air into a system gone very stale. Continue Reading →