In Cramahe Township 17 of 20 bridges need repair

By Mandy Martin

CRAMAHE TWP. — Of the 20 Cramahe Twp.-owned bridges inspected for structural safety this year, 17 are identified as requiring some form of repair, rehabilitation and/or replacement by D.M. Mills, the engineering firm contracted by the municipality for $3,200 to do the inspections. The engineering firm suggested Cramahe schedule the estimated $2,277,000 of 16 recommended repairs over a 10-year period, with the highest priority items first. Top priority is the replacement of the Bailey Road bridge at an estimated cost of $495,000, followed by $48,000 of guide rail improvements of the Dawson Road bridge. Following the Bailey and Dawson Road projects by priority and estimated cost are:
• replacing Dingman Road bridge, $585,000;
• concrete patch, waterproof, pave, install guide rails and address settlement connections for Ontario St. Continue Reading →

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McGlennon remains insurance broker for Cramahe Twp.

By Mandy Martin

CRAMAHE Twp. — Cramahe Twp. council has gone with the higher of two bids submitted to act as the municipality’s insurance broker. Earlier this year, Deputy mayor Sandra Arthur pushed to have the brokerage service put to tender to ensure competitive pricing is in effect. Council directed staff to ask for quotes from potential insurance brokers. 
Only two firms submitted quotes for a five-year term: WWD McGlennon Insurance Broker Ltd. Continue Reading →

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Launch of local news project in Northumberland

As promised, I have taken time to consider this and what is next for me in regards to local news in Northumberland County to see how I can contribute after losing my column last week. I have a plan. There is no doubt the closure of Northumberland Today is a severe blow to news coverage. And, it is tragic to see a newspaper started in 1831 shut down with little or no fanfare. Many good people worked very hard to bring coverage to the community. Continue Reading →

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Pending winter brings crisis for local homeless

As the air becomes crisper and snowflakes tease us about what is coming, housing advocates in Northumberland County sounded a dire warning last week only days before a new federal national strategy was announced to deal with the problem. Coincidence or not, it catapulted the issue to the front as Northumberland Affordable Housing Committee warned of a pending crisis this winter. Previous studies in the county have shown there are between 1,000 to 2,000 people either without shelter or on the brink of losing a roof over their heads. Cornerstone and Transition House, the two government-sponsored shelters, are at capacity or over, meaning there is no emergency or temporary housing. Cobourg Police Service offers overnight accommodation and a warming room, but it is already heavily used. Continue Reading →

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