Port Hope council should slow down


By Robert Washburn

There is a difference between governing and running a business. Someone needs to tell Port Hope council. For the past 30 years, the neo-conservative moment has worked overtime to make sure we all believe government should be run this way at the very least, in a more business-like manner. Usually, it is interpreted as government being more efficient and cost effective. Since the fall election, it is apparent; the current council is looking to become more business-like. Continue Reading →

Northumberland Hills Hospital takes risk as review takes place

northumberland hills hospital

By Robert Washburn

As Northumberland Hills Hospital board waits for bids to close next week on its contract to undertake an operational review, it is striking how big a gamble officials are taking. Back in October, with just one quarter of the fiscal year under its belt, Chief Executive Officer Linda Davis and the board of directors knew a money crunch was coming. Within no time, the Local Integrated Health Network (LHIN) for the Central East area was notified. It immediately moved into action. Representatives were sent to review all aspects. Continue Reading →

Canadian politics being stripped of its humanity


It is hard to miss the new campaign office on King Street in Cobourg. Candidates have been stumping for months. Actual door-knocking started in earnest weeks ago, if not months. Then, tally the countless small events, dinners, barbeques and other gatherings across Northumberland and South Peterborough and it really hasn’t stopped since the last election for some candidates. The perpetual election campaign has steadily grown as a fixture in Canadian politics since the introduction of the pre-set election date in 2007. Continue Reading →