Remembering a dear friend and mentor

By Robert Washburn

leesauro.jpgWe all have a biological father. But, we also have men in our lives that helped raise us, teach us, share their wisdom with us and shape us into the people we are today.

Lee Sauro was like a father to me. He died at age 90 in July. His son, Darryl contacted me today to let me know there is going to be a wake.

Back in January 1974, I walked in to Lee’s Fresh Meats on Yonge Street in Toronto after school. A friend of mine told us at lunch he quit a job in a meat store to concentrate on his grades. I had just left a job at H. Salt Fish and Chips a few weeks earlier. Continue Reading →

Hidden homelessness should be election issue


By Robert Washburn

Homelessness was given a face in the local media last week as residents were reminded about the people who don’t have a place to live in Northumberland County. Green Wood Coalition director David Sheffield, an outreach worker in Port Hope, has said many times, there is no way to understand fully the scope of the problem in the county because there are not even the statistics to paint a realistic picture. A huge part of the problem is there is insufficient data; but, there are efforts underway to begin to gather those figures, he said in an interview done in July. Sheffield addressed the issue when the study titled Housing First in Rural Canada: rural homelessness and Housing First Feasibility across 22 Canadian communities was released on July 9. The report delivers a stark picture of homelessness outside the country’s largest cities. Continue Reading →