It’s all about the local economy, silly


By Robert Washburn

There is only one issue in the upcoming municipal election: the local economy. Sure, across Northumberland each municipality has its own set of issues to be addressed by incumbents and challengers seeking office. But the new rural economy is facing a complex future. Globalization crushed the traditional manufacturing base. Agriculture is vastly different. Continue Reading →

Sustainability is critical to economic outlook


By Robert Washburn

Belden2If the local economy is the central issue for the fall municipal election, then sustainability must right up there along with it.

Sustainability is often a term used when discussing environmental issues, but that is a limited interpretation. Sustainability, in this case, is referring to a vision of municipal governance where decisions are made within the context of medium and long-term goals, which meet the needs of citizens, but also provide the opportunity for the area to flourish over time. Continue Reading →