Ontario Black History month debated

Photo courtesy of Segregation of Africans in Canada http://africiansegregationcanada.weebly.com

February is the 20th anniversary of Ontario Black History Month. Ontario Black History Society President Rosemary Sadlier explains the importance of this celebration. Peterborough poet and teacher Kate Kelly, along with Cobourg lawyer Colin Browne provide insight into the importance of this history, while exploring aspects of racism in Northumberland with Drive Time host Dave Glover and I on Consider This Live. Continue Reading →

Personal memories of Canada’s first flag day


By Robert Washburn

As the Canadian flag’s 50th birthday is celebrated today, it is a wonderful opportunity to be filled with national pride. It is lovely to have a day to put aside all our difference, tensions and stresses as Canadians honour a symbol of our unity. When Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson decided to create a new national flag back in the 1960s, little did he know it would ignite a passionate debate. Amazingly, it also generated more than 6,000 contributions from ordinary Canadians wanting to contribute their vision. Despite all the acrimony, the red Maple Leaf on a white field with a red background was adopted. Continue Reading →

Horizons hurt if funding fails

Father Juan Luis with Horizons Executive Director, Patricia Rebolledo-Kloques and José.

By Robert Washburn

With nearly half its funding from the federal government on the line, a local international aid group is keeping its fingers crossed and the people they serve are hanging in the balance. Horizons of Friendship’s $2-million budget could be seriously hurt if the Department of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Development fails to fund a critical proposal. The plan is to improve local health care to more than 235,000 people in Totonicapán, Guatemala, one of the areas with the highest number of indigenous people in the country. It is one of the least violent places and suffers from extreme poverty with up to 82 per cent of the residents being malnourished. There was also a plan to engage 8,700 Canadians in the project through professional-development exchanges and public activities. Continue Reading →