Transition House seeks dialogue to resolve concerns in neighbourhood, board members say

A group residents and business owners calling themselves the Good Neighbour Coalition Cobourg has started campaign to address concerns related to Transition House, the only emergency shelter for homeless people in Northumberland County. Two of the group’s representatives, Alyson King and Grace Lovekin, appeared before Cobourg council Monday night to make their case. They told councillors since Transition House reopened just over a year ago, “the neighbourhood has experienced increased and recurring problems with public drug use, people sleeping outdoors, verbal abuse and intimidation, disruptions day and night including physical altercations, theft, and break-ins. While Transition House may not be the “cause” of these problems, it is clearly associated with them as the problems did not occur at this level until it reopened“. With me in the studio are Taylor Nelson, a member of the Board of Directors for Transition House and Marsha Jones, chair of the Board of Directors for Transition House.

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