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Local musical historian releases documentary about WWII swing band touring frontline


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Local music historian Andy Sparling released an audio documentary about the Streamliners. They were a swing band taken from the ranks of aircraft maintenance trainees to become a touring band that traveled throughout the European front from 1944 to 1945. The band would be known as one of the best bands of the time. It is a privilege to share this documentary with you on today’s show. Its historical and musical significance cannot be underestimated. Continue Reading →

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Rick Beaver sharing personal history and some of Alderville’s past for Indigenous History Month

Rick Beaver

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The full interview with bonus material:

June is Indigenous History Month. On June 21, it is National Aboriginal Day. It is for these significant commemorations today’s show has a special guest. Rick Beaver, an artist, elder, and conservationist living in Alderville, will share his personal recollections of Alderville. Plus, he will give insight into Indigenous life celebrated in his art and conservation activities. Continue Reading →

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Temperance, Tonics or Both – The Life and Times of Leticia Youmans and Lydia Pinkham

This is the story of Leticia Youmans. From her humble beginnings near the hamlet of Baltimore to her international travels on behalf of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, her extraordinary life was lived during a drive for prohibition. It is a period of Canadian history we rarely explore. But like so many other historical figures, she deserves more than a superficial glance. I will attempt to make a case that Youmans’ life and her activism represent more significant social movements at that time – especially women’s suffrage. Continue Reading →

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