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Food4All continues to supply local food banks while preparing for potential increase in demand

The meeting of uncontrolled forces of a pandemic, combined with economic uncertainty, is placing a hardship on many people. For some, it is difficult to provide for the most basic needs like shelter and food. Local food banks help people who face this insecurity, whether it is a family or an individual. During the pandemic, local food banks remain open. On average, in West Northumberland, they serve more than 600 households every month. Continue Reading →

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NHH nurse inspires colleagues, family and friends to help those in need


It feels good to acknowledge the staff at Northumberland Hills Hospital – all the doctors, nurses, technicians – everybody right down to the cleaning staff are making great sacrifices. They are part of a legion of essential workers toiling every day in the face of a deadly pandemic trying to keep our upside-down world going. In the midst of all the chaos, there are still those who can look around them and be moved by the possible suffering of others. This story is one such example of the many acts of generosity going on in Northumberland County. It is how one nurse inspired an entire hospital to give a little bit extra in the face of giving it all each and every day. Continue Reading →

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Passion for music behind Oriana Singers use of technology to rehearse, says director

A renowned yoga master once said, “If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

These are words to live by, especially when we are being asked to quarantine ourselves. To go outside is so invigorating. Raking the lawn or sitting on the deck or find a secluded place to take a walk. It can be transforming. Some are saying if you can’t get outside, throw open a window to get the fresh air. Continue Reading →

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Democracy isn’t dead in the midst of pandemic, especially in Alnwick-Haldimand

In the face of social distancing and self-isolation, it is good to know citizen activism is not dead. In fact, it is alive and well in Alnwick-Haldimand Township. And how a community got together to stop the council from making a decision that would profoundly impact them. Social media is not always a great place to be. It can be a place of disinformation, gossip, and rumours. Continue Reading →

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Trio aims to lead efforts to help those in need during COVID-19 crisis in Northumberland

Social media has exploded in its importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more people are turning to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay informed in a world where we are drowning in the overwhelming flood of information. A group of concerned Northumberland County residents is offering an alternative on social media for local residents. They are calling it a virtual neighbourhood. The page is called Caremongering Northumberland. Continue Reading →

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100+ Women Northumberland takes unique approach to philanthropy

Four times a year, a group of local women gather to have a glass of wine, some snacks and donate $50. The result is a much needed collective donation to a charity within Northumberland. This new, creative approach to philanthropy is done by 100+ Women Northumberland. The group met for one of its quarterly gatherings on March 3. Sam Campbell, a spokesperson for the group, says it a chance for women to network, as well as serve a good cause. Continue Reading →

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Cobourg police chief calls for all hands on deck to fight drug epidemic

So, for our first show of 2020, it seemed like a good idea to revisit one of the more significant stories in Northumberland: the ongoing battle with drugs across the county. Following a number of key arrests over the past few months, plus a shocking announcement regarding a more deadly form of drug suspected to be in our region, it is appropriate to talk once more about the state of the opioid situation and some of the developing issues that have come forward since July when we began examining what was going on. Certainly, a lot has happened and there is a more vocal public debate taking place since then. Back in July, then Deputy Chief Paul Vandegraff sat in this same chair across from me and we talked about opioids. It was the first of a series of interviews done by Consider This around the emerging situation. Continue Reading →

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Transition House seeks dialogue to resolve concerns in neighbourhood, board members say

A group residents and business owners calling themselves the Good Neighbour Coalition Cobourg has started campaign to address concerns related to Transition House, the only emergency shelter for homeless people in Northumberland County. Two of the group’s representatives, Alyson King and Grace Lovekin, appeared before Cobourg council Monday night to make their case. They told councillors since Transition House reopened just over a year ago, “the neighbourhood has experienced increased and recurring problems with public drug use, people sleeping outdoors, verbal abuse and intimidation, disruptions day and night including physical altercations, theft, and break-ins. While Transition House may not be the “cause” of these problems, it is clearly associated with them as the problems did not occur at this level until it reopened”. With me in the studio are Taylor Nelson, a member of the Board of Directors for Transition House and Marsha Jones, chair of the Board of Directors for Transition House. Continue Reading →

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Safe interview room helps victims of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, says police


Unless you have been through it, understanding the terror and pain of domestic abuse, it is not easy to fully appreciate what someone is experiencing. As we learned last week when I interviewed Nancy Johnston, executive director of Cornerstone women’s shelter, there are some 2,600 women and children, who seek help from their services. In many cases, these women have faced violence in the home. The first responders to these cases of domestic violence are the police. During such cases, interviewing the victims of violence, rape or sexual assault can be very hard. Continue Reading →

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Yarn, poles and building community subject of film debut and guest speaker

In 2016, Nancy Belmont, an American activist, launched a unique interactive art installation used to bring people in a community together. It quickly gained interest from around the world, including most of North America, Western Europe, India, and Australia. In September, a coalition of local organizations brought the installation to Northumberland. Located at the Farmer’s Market in Cobourg, it involved a number of polls and a lot of yarn. A film was produced and it will be premiered this coming Monday at 7 p.m. at Venture 13, along with a talk with Toronto based author Dave Meslin on his recent book ‘Teardown.’ Here to tell us about this project, the film and the presentation on Monday, I am pleased to have in-studio Megan Deyman, Coordinator – Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland Drug Strategy & David Sheffield, Community director of Greenwood Coalition. Continue Reading →

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