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Opponents get break on Cobourg stormwater fees, but others sectors make up for it

Stormwater management flood


Cobourg council decided to proceed with changes to its stormwater management rates to satisfy residents’ concerns at its meeting on June 26. After nearly an hour of debate, councillors voted five to two to reduce some rates that apply to vacant landowners, cemeteries, and farmers. However, the lost revenues will now be placed on commercial and industrial landowners. Landowners charged under the previous system will also receive a rebate. A report looking at the implications of the new system is expected to come back in September. Continue Reading →

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Record participation in survey and still time to give input into Cobourg 2024 budget, says deputy mayor

Life guard station at Cobourg Beacy

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A record number of people participated in a recent survey about the 2024 Cobourg draft budget. Two hundred and eighty residents went online and filled out a survey. It was four times greater than last year. Inflation, high interest rates, grocery prices, and the cost of gas are hammering everyone’s wallet. Last fall, Cobourg councillors told staff to aim for a five percent increase. Continue Reading →

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