Port Hope resident Angela Grogan shares passion for significance of local Black History

Angela Grogan

Port Hope resident Angela Grogan

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Port Hope resident Angela Grogan recently discovered former municipal councillor and journalist Larry Hall. Hall died in 2014.

Hall grew up in Garden Hill and explored his personal history during his lifetime. His great-grandparents were fugitive slaves who fled the United States for Canada along the Underground Railroad.

Hall was regularly seen at the Port Hope Public Library each year, giving presentations on the history of black people in Northumberland County.

This inspired Grogan. She is scheduled to present to the Port Hope council on Feb. 13 as part of Black History Month. There, she hopes to raise the profile of Black people, both past and present. She will also be taking part in raising a Pan-African flag on Feb. 1.

In this interview, she will share her passion for Black History and her experiences as a Black woman in Port Hope.

Originally aired: Feb. 2, 2024


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