Northumberland CDFC helping businesses in tough economic times with new grant

Northumberland Community Futures Development Corporation (CDFC) Executive Director Wendy Curtis (r) and Manager Enterprise Program John Hayden talk $7.7 million grant to assist businesses across Southern Ontario. Photo by Robert Washburn.

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Inflation in Canada is at more than 8 percent. The Bank of Canada raised interest rates at record levels earlier last week. How does the federal government help businesses and keep jobs without pushing the economy into a recession?

It is a tricky question. One way is to help entrepreneurs with their startups, and another is to help small and medium-sized businesses invest in innovation.

Wendy Curtis, executive director of the Northumberland Community Futures Development Corporation, and John Hayden, Manager Enterprise programs, will shed light on a $7.7 million grant to make a difference. You will hear about their efforts. But you might be surprised. It is not just their work within Northumberland but also across Southern Ontario and across the country that is having an impact.

Originally aired: July 22, 2022

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