In Cramahe Township 17 of 20 bridges need repair

By Mandy Martin

CRAMAHE TWP. — Of the 20 Cramahe Twp.-owned bridges inspected for structural safety this year, 17 are identified as requiring some form of repair, rehabilitation and/or replacement by D.M. Mills, the engineering firm contracted by the municipality for $3,200 to do the inspections.

The engineering firm suggested Cramahe schedule the estimated $2,277,000 of 16 recommended repairs over a 10-year period, with the highest priority items first.
Top priority is the replacement of the Bailey Road bridge at an estimated cost of $495,000, followed by $48,000 of guide rail improvements of the Dawson Road bridge.

Following the Bailey and Dawson Road projects by priority and estimated cost are:
• replacing Dingman Road bridge, $585,000;
• concrete patch, waterproof, pave, install guide rails and address settlement connections for Ontario St. bridge, $93,000;
• patch, waterproof, pave, replace drains and railings, and improve railings Campbell Road bridge, $219,000;
• concrete patching and guide rail improvements Durham St. N. bridge, $61,000;
• replace concrete balustrade, concrete patching and guide rail improvements Cowie Road bridge, $193,500
• concrete patch and guide rail improvements, $67,500
• guide rail improvements Haynes Road bridge, $35,000; Shiloh Road bridge, $35,000) and Cowie Road bridge, $35,000;
• patch, waterproof, settlement corrections, guide rail improvements Kensington St. bridge, $106,500
• concrete patching and resurfacing Mutton bridge, $109,000;
• concrete patching and guide rail improvements Shiloh Road bridge, $80,500; and
• concrete patching, guide rail improvements Haynes Road East $74,000.

These capital projects are in addition to regular maintenance issues, like debris clearing, culvert clearing, erosion control and control over beaver dams.

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