Hamilton Township ratepayers seek 2020 budget input, says citizen’s council

A group of concerned citizens came together in 2015 in an effort to take a more positive approach to engaging with the Hamilton Township council. There was a long history of citizen activism in the township dating back to the 1990s that was inspired mostly by the amalgamation talks of the day. In between then and more recently, the group would be activated around a single burning issue, according to some. This is what the citizen’s council wanted to change. So for the past few years, it has looked to impact the relationship between the citizens and the council. It was just a year ago a new council was sworn in with a new mayor and some pretty well-known faces. Here with me today are two people who have been watching things pretty closely over that time, Faye McFarlane and John Davison, two members of the executive of the Citizen’s Council for the Hamilton Township Ratepayers Association.

Originally aired: Nov. 1, 2019

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