Friends rally around woman by forming a new group to fight racism in Cobourg


The full interview with bonus material:

When Valerie Gallagher came to Cobourg, she was looking to make a fresh start. She was impressed by the small-town feeling and it looked like a welcoming place for her and her family. But before she even moved into her new home, she was confronted by harassment. From there it grew into a racially motivated conflict involving lawyers and the police. The racism followed her to work, where she was the object of slurs that were both overt and others that were muted.

But there is a silver lining. Valerie is a member of Northumberland Players. Some of the members reached out to her to give their support – to let her know she is not alone. That small group has turned into a fledgling organization whose aim is to fight racism in Cobourg.

In this interview with Consider This, you are going to hear her story and the story of those people who are standing by her side.

Here is my interview with a new group fighting racism in Cobourg.

Originally aired: Nov. 13, 2020

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