A family’s grief transforms into Tattoos4Trauma fundraiser for Northumberland Warming Hub

Sue Glover and Theresa Rickerby

Sue Glover (l) and Theresa Rickerby (r) at the 2022 Tattoos4Trauma held at the Cobourg Lion’s Centre.

The show:

The full interview with bonus material:

For those who may be triggered, the following interview talks about suicide and sexual abuse. Please be aware.

Sue Glover lost her son, David, to suicide. Theresa Rickerby lost a nephew. Out of the deep, heartfelt pain, the two joined together to create Tattos4Trauma. It was a way to honour him. And it was a way to help others.

In this interview, you will hear the tragic story of loss transforming into a family-oriented community event to raise money for the Northumberland Warming Room. It is a moving story.

Originally aired: July 7, 2023

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