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County pays lion’s share of pilot regional transit system connecting to GO trains in Oshawa

GO Transit announcement

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Northumberland Peterborough South MPP David Piccini and Transportation Minister Carolyn Mulroney stood in front of a green GO bus and several municipal leaders. The message was simple. Northumberland County residents were getting a long-awaited connection to the GO station in Oshawa. It is a milestone announcement, especially with a provincial election only days away. In this interview, you will hear from county warden Bob Crate. Continue Reading →

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All voices must be heard on Port Hope transit debate

Port Hope’s public transit system is hanging in the balance as politicians consider its future in what could be the most divisive move by council since its election. The engineering department submitted a report last week detailing four options. It currently costs the municipality about $450,000 to run. But a number of pending expenses jack this figure over the next four years, as equipment is replace. It currently operates at about a $200,000 deficit, according to the report. Continue Reading →

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