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Personal memories of Canada’s first flag day

By Robert Washburn

As the Canadian flag’s 50th birthday is celebrated today, it is a wonderful opportunity to be filled with national pride. It is lovely to have a day to put aside all our difference, tensions and stresses as Canadians honour a symbol of our unity. When Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson decided to create a new national flag back in the 1960s, little did he know it would ignite a passionate debate. Amazingly, it also generated more than 6,000 contributions from ordinary Canadians wanting to contribute their vision. Despite all the acrimony, the red Maple Leaf on a white field with a red background was adopted. Continue Reading →

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The new French Revolution

What happens when there is no room for a public sphere to exist and citizens are left feeling disenfranchised, alienated and unempowered? A revolution. And, the signs are beginning to show. The recent incident involving actor-comedian Michael Richard, also known as Kramer in the hit television series Seinfeld, was devastated after he used a series of racial slurs against hecklers at the laugh Factory on Nov. 17. Continue Reading →

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