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A view from the frontlines: Inside the CUPE protest in Northumberland

CUPE member Lynn Lewis.

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Last week, we watched as the Ontario government imposed a contract on support workers in our schools. These workers belong to the Canadian Union of Public Employees or CUPE. When it announced the deal is said Premier Doug Ford said he wanted to keep kids in the classroom. The provincial government also used the notwithstanding clause to prevent any appeals of its legislation. Then, last Friday, those workers held a protest. Continue Reading →

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Northumberland Labour Council issues letter condemning protest, government and police

Protest Labour Letter

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As the Freedom Convoy protest was reaching its peak last week, the Northumberland Labour Council wrote a scathing open letter expressing its disdain for what it saw as racism, hatred, and misinformation. There was a lot of criticism, not just for the protesters but for the government and police. It also made several demands. Here is President Dan Tobin explaining the council’s concerns. Originally aired: February 25, 2022 Continue Reading →

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Labour council adds its voice to opposition to provincial cuts in Northumberland, says spokesperson

Protesters gathered in front of Northumberland Peterborough South MPP David Picinni’s office Friday afternoon to mark the first anniversary of the election of the Progressive Conservative majority to voice their opposition to the numerous cuts to programs. Wendy Goode, a member of the executive of the Northumberland Labour Council, spoke about the role of the council in the community and the concerns over cuts. Originally aired: June 7, 2019 Continue Reading →

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