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Green Party candidate open and straightforward

Green Party candidate Patricia Sinnott talks openly about her unique campaign on Consider This Live as part of the Drive Time with Dave Glover on Northumberland 89.7 FM. She discusses why she is not knocking on doors and answers honestly when she does not know about a particular policy or stance. It is insightful, as it is candid. Continue Reading →

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The forever campaign: Have our politicians killed democracy by being too good at politics?

By Joseph Heath

Every morning as I walk my children home from the bus stop, we pass a local high school. During the fall, the football team will usually be out in the field, doing sprints or practicing hitting the sled. The inevitable question arises: “What are they doing daddy?”

“Practicing football,” I tell them. “Take a look while you can,” I say. “By the time you’re my age, it’s very unlikely that anyone will be playing this game anymore.” Read more. Continue Reading →

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A simple test for sizing up local candidates in the federal election

By Robert Washburn

Candidates, pundits and experts tell us the economy is a critical issue in the federal election campaign. And, for all the sound bites and catchy phrases used, most voters rarely understand it. It is a confusing term. When talking about the economy, it can mean the gross domestic product (GDP), foreign trade, exports, and investment. Many of these terms get used regularly, but few understand how they work to affect our daily lives. Continue Reading →

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