Kindness, compassion at the heart of innovative method for treating troubled children, say experts

It is the little things that can mean so much. An act of kindness. A thoughtful gesture.  This can change the course of someone’s life. It is called “ordinary magic” by social workers and experts who work with families with very troubled children and youth. uThe Therapeutic Family Care Centre sponsored a major event to talk about the Power of Resiliency on June 11 at the Venture Centre. It brought together 25 agencies and organizations from across Northumberland County to talk about these techniques in a presentation called the Power of Resiliency. Tiffany Thickson is a program supervisor at the Therapeutic Family Care Program, along with Krista Mathers, who is currently the role of System Navigator at the Therapeutic Family Care Program, spoke about the event and the techniques its promotes. Listen to the full interview.

Originally aired: June 14, 2019

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