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Trent Hills businesses adapting to economic recovery plan, says chamber executive director

This is a conversation with Nancy Allanson, the executive director of the Trent Hills Chamber of Commerce. It is the last in a series of interviews I have done over the summer with the various chambers and business groups to monitor the economic impact of the pandemic and the ongoing recovering taking place. What is noticeable in this interview is how similar the businesses are in addressing the changes. Yet you will also hear how different things are in Trent Hills from the rest of the county. Originally aired: August 14, 2020 Continue Reading →

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Lawyer worries about Northumberland tenants as landlords given additional powers under new provincial rules

In Canada, the laws overseeing the relationships between landlords and tenants aim to give rights to people who rent. The regulations recognize there is a fundamental need for people to have a place to live. But also, they need to be safe from those who might act arbitrarily and throw them out on to the street. Landlords will complain the system is unfair to them. While tenants’ rights groups argue there are never enough rules to ensure they can’t be evicted unfairly. Continue Reading →

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Controversial harbour safety audit moves forward as consensus found, says councillor


Cobourg harbour is a gem in the crown jewel of the waterfront. It generates revenues through the marina. It provides recreational opportunities for dragon boater, canoeists, paddle boaters, anglers, and sailors. Demonstrating some foresight, the council approved an aquatic safety audit of the harbour by the Life Saving Society of Canada as a precautionary measure in late 2018 and early 2019. The report became a hotly contested document as users groups pushed back against the final recommendations. Continue Reading →

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Preparations are nearly ready as announcement about schools opening pending, says public board chair

Parents, students, and teachers are filled with anxiety as the start of school is only five weeks away. That would be pretty normal for this time of year. But this fall will be very different in the face of the pandemic as the provincial government and school boards grapple with the health and safety of children and staff. The provincial government wants to assure us everyone will be safe. Meanwhile, parents are concerned. Continue Reading →

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Elgin Park redevelopment gets financial boost from feds and province



Federal, provincial, and local politicians gathered at the corner of Elgin and Darcy streets to announce a $5.7 million grant. It will more than double the existing affordable housing from 18 units to 40. The multi-phase project represents a huge upgrade to the existing buildings that were originally constructed in the 1960s. Rebecca Carman,  the Manager, Housing Services for Northumberland County, explains. The housing mix will expand what is already there. Continue Reading →

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Cobourg police board seeks public input on use of body cameras

Charges of racism and police violence have renewed calls in Canada for frontline officers to wear body cameras. The debate is taking place across the country. From the RCMP to Toronto’s police, Indigenous groups and Black Lives Matters are calling for officers to wear video recording devices on their chests. The longtime debate over the need to wear body cameras is coming to Cobourg. As part of its technology and innovation strategy, the Police Services Board wants your opinion. Continue Reading →

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New county committees promise more public engagement, openness and transparency, says warden

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In an effort to become more open and transparent, Northumberland County Council recently approved a new system of committees. This is not new. The county used to have a number of citizen-driven advisory groups. But following the amalgamation in the mid-1990s, those fell by the wayside. Recently county councillors approved a new parliamentary-style system of committees. Continue Reading →

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As Art Gallery of Northumberland prepares to reopen, director reflects on arts during pandemic

For anyone who has had a birthday or marked an anniversary or special occasion over the last five months will tell you, it has been rough. The Art Gallery of Northumberland, 2020 marked the 60th anniversary. It was going to have a year of events to celebrate. As you can imagine, things have not turned out as expected. Art Gallery of Northumberland Executive Director Olinda Casimiro is obviously disappointed. Continue Reading →

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