Canadian Association of Journalists Convention

First published: May 10, 2005

I expect to be blogging from the CAJ convention this weekend using the breaking news page. There will be two workshops on Civic Journalism I will be leading, one Friday morning and another Sunday morning. But, it is an important weekend for the organization.
It is having a rough go of it since the board of directors put out a press release condemning the action of investigative journalists Stevie Cameron. A subsequent press release was meant to be a retraction, but some of the membership are not pleased. Currently, there is a move to oust board members and it is becoming quite interesting.

There will also be a number of seminars and other workshop I will try to attend and report back on using the breaking news page and my Blackberry. Stay tuned.

Friday afternoon, I will be assisting the Linux Professional Insitute with a similar experiment at another convention being held in Winnipeg. Scott Lamberton, the public affairs officer, and I have set up a blog called the Penguine Post . Check it out for a neat corporate version of our work here at the college.

See you on the cyberseas this weekend.

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