A response from Dilys Robertson

First published: October 28, 2007

I really am very sick of the whole thing and, if I had used better judgment,
would not have wasted my time at Council. I just tried to make a good
presentation and make sure that the Horticultural Society was properly
represented on this matter. I had absolutely no idea that MacD would react
in the way he did, or that it would ‘stir up a hornet’s nest’.

“Gail, I do have a couple of additional comments to make:

a) Is there not such a thing as a good presentation or a bad presentation?
I cannot see that it has anything to do with my Irish background. Are you
saying that native born several generation Canadians always make meek
speeches? That their manner of speech precludes forceful presentations?
b) Are you saying that but for the manner of my presentation, MacDonald
would not have been ‘riled’? That he does not treat non-Irish Canadians in a
similar manner?

Finally, your note persuades me never, ever, to make another delegation to
the present town council. You have my word I will not do so under any
circumstances – then perhaps MacDonald will behave himself (now that is
sarcastic! ). Looking at the comments on Ben’s Blog, there was actually
only one – who managed to accuse me of being insane. Of course, many think
this of the Irish anyway – more sarcasm. Also, I intend to resign
immediately from the Parks Committee.

Having said my piece, I will now shut up! (and that includes before


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