Dusting ourselves off to make a point

In light of a recent proposal by Deputy Mayor Stan Frost to change Cobourg council’s meeting time to 4 p.m., rather than leaving it at 7 p.m., Consider This is inspired to take action.

Citizen journalist Scott Lamberton is generously donating his time for the next few Monday nights to live blog council meetings once again. He was a central contributor during the hyperlocal project in 2010 – 2011.

There are several reasons for this.

First, it is the job of journalism to be a watchdog. Despite the fact it was more than a  year ago Consider This went back to being a blog and not a news site, it is incumbent on local media to raise this issue for public debate. As well, it is the role of the press in the 21st century to facilitate discussion and engage the audience in the issues of the day. Also, it is vital to empower citizen by creating a place where they can advocate for themselves. Educate, engage, empower.

Nothing can be more important than defending our democracy. The job of politicians is to listen to citizens, not slam the door in their faces. As stated before on this site, Frost and others should be finding more ways to consult with Cobourg residents, not making it harder by using the existing formats more vigorously and finding new ones.

And so, we will give it a go for the next while, Maybe, just maybe, council will pay attention.