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Deteriorating roads, bridges need to be top priority

First published: August 25, 2005

Northumberland MPP Lou (who?) Rinaldi and Ontario Minister of Public Infrastructure met with municipal leaders at the annual Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference last week to hear concerns over replacing deteriorating roads, bridges, sewers and the like. It’s not very riveting stuff. Yet, our man at Queen’s Park was in the thick of it, hearing complaints from 41 municipal leaders about potholes, crumbling trestles, and other woes far beyond the imagination of regular people. Nobody worries about this stuff on a day-to-day basis. That is until a tire drops into a hole the size of the Grand Canyon nearly setting off the air bags; or you are driving down a dark road in a heavy rain storm cursing because it is impossible to see any lines on the road because they are so faded. Continue Reading →

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