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Documentary filmmaker talks about Franklin’s Lost Ships

Longtime, respected documentary filmmaker Andrew Gregg talks about his film Franklin’s Lost Ships, airing April 9, 2015 on CBC Nature of Things. Drive Time Host Dave Glover interviews him about Sir John Franklin’s tragic expeditions, the recent discovery of the Erebus and Gregg’s passion for Northern Canada as part of Consider This Live on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Continue Reading →

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Ontario Black History month debated

February is the 20th anniversary of Ontario Black History Month. Ontario Black History Society President Rosemary Sadlier explains the importance of this celebration. Peterborough poet and teacher Kate Kelly, along with Cobourg lawyer Colin Browne provide insight into the importance of this history, while exploring aspects of racism in Northumberland with Drive Time host Dave Glover and I on Consider This Live. Continue Reading →

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Mythbuster shares insights into science with everyone

Dr. Jennifer Gardy, host of Myth or Science on the Nature of Things on CBC, talks about her upcoming show called You Are What You Eat, airing Thursday Jan. 8, 2015, with Dave Glover and I on Consider This Live. As part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM, she also tells us about those who inspired her to become a scientist and how she became a science communicator, along with her view on the role of science in our modern world. Continue Reading →

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Political icebergs could hurt incumbents during municipal election

Are there political icebergs floating in the calm waters of this current municipal election? Dave Glover and I explore issues on from the past four years in Cobourg, Port Hope and Hamilton Township to see if they will hurt any of the incumbents on Consider This Radio during Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Continue Reading →

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