Re: Gun registry tip of the iceberg for community debate

First published: Sunday, May 04, 2008

I just love reading articles and letters to the editor from people who are decidedly “anti gun”. It makes for great entertainment and “Gun registry tip of the iceberg for community debate” did not disappoint in this regard. Mr. Washburn’s total lack of knowledge of the issue and “innovative” forms of logic were par for the course. Totally absent in the first part, and overpowering in the second.

Now let me get this straight. Mr. Washburn is “SHOCKED” by the number of legally registered restricted firearms currently located in Port Hope, Coburg. When exactly was the last time a registered firearm was used in a crime in either of these centers? If one wants to look for “gun crime” one really needs to head off to Toronto where you will find the gangs required for these incidents. The fact of the matter is that it is not “GUN CRIME” at all but GANG CRIME that presents a problem for our collective society.

It is interesting to note that areas with relatively HIGH levels of legal guns in the hands of LEGAL gun owners have lower levels of criminal activity. Professor John Lott an esteemed academic completed a detailed study of this phenomena presented in his aptly named book “More guns, less crime”.
The writer seems particularly upset by the “devastating” Berretta Storm semi automatic carbine. I guess this upset is what caused him to skip over the fact that any semi automatic using pistol magazines (note: they are not clips) as the Storm does is limited by law to a 10 round capacity not the 20 as listed in the article.
The important question of course is what exactly makes a 9mm, .40S&W or .45acp bullet fired from a Storm any different from a round fired by a handgun? Are they somehow imparted with some magical ability that I am not aware of? Of course not that is utter nonsense. A bullet fired from any firearm is subject to the same laws of physics regardless of activating system.

Mr. Washburn, makes extensive use of the website prepared by Glen McGregor from the Ottawa citizen which allows the user to check on registered firearms by the first two digits of their postal code. He then claims that “There is no identifying
information”. Is he incapable of determining by simple logic that if there are 81 registered CX4 Storms in a given local and only 13 of them are registered to individuals then the rest are in the hands of the ONLY retail firearm outlet in the area.

Mr. Washburn then goes on a predicable tirade calling for the banning of handguns in Canada. One need only look to any jurisdiction that has enacted similar concepts to discover the total folly this represents. Of course one must wonder. If such a ban were to take place and crime with firearms predictably is not affected. Just who is Mr. Washburn going to blame next? Who’s rights will be the next ones that he will advocate be abolished in his quest for a utopian ideal society?

I would encourage anyone who is remotely interested in the great firearm debate to look at all aspects of the question and critically analyze all the available data from both perspectives. This will not only avoid you making such simple errors as perpetrated by Mr. Washburn but can conceivably expand your horizons. I would highly suggest a trip or two to the local shooting range would be in order as a prerequisite.
The bottom line is guns in the right hands are good. Guns in the wrong hands are decidedly bad. Similarly political power in the right hands is a good thing. Power in the wrong hands is a bad thing.

Be wary of those who would use political power to usurp the rights of might just be next on their target list.

John Evers
Director: East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association Aylmer Ontario. <>
Regional Director: Canadian Shooting Sports Association. <>

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