Letter responding to worker respect

First published: March 13, 2009

Professor Washburn:

Thanks for your inspiring words. As you can see, I have taken the liberty of forwarding your writing and my own thoughts on the matter to my MP, and to all my friends.

Gary Schoenfeldt
Regina SK, Canada

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From: Gary Schoenfeldt <mailto:ges2@accesscomm.ca>
To: Tom Lukiwski <mailto:lukiwski.T@parl.gc.ca>
Cc: all my friends <mailto:ges2@accesscomm.ca>
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 10:31 PM
Subject: Fw: ‘Discouraging and disgusting’ attitude to labour – northumberlandtoday.com

The Honourable Tom Lukiwski,
Member of Parliament for Regina – Lumsden – Lake Centre

Dear Tom,

Please pass the attached article along to your colleague Diane Finley, would you? She needs to lighten up a bit, show a little respect for the workers whose taxes pay her wages. So far all we’ve seen from this Minister of Human Resources is a level of contempt for her fellow human beings, bordering on bigotry. The vast majority of laid – off workers are not interested in “sitting around the house” as she so crudely put it. They have a lot better things they’d rather be doing, working for example. (To pay for those houses, among other things.) And Finley has the gall to stigmatize them for collecting insurance that they paid into every day of their working lives? Put Finley on EI and see how long she can survive on those miserly rates.


Gary Schoenfeldt
775 Hayworth Crescent,

PS. In Europe, governments are afraid of the public. In my opinion, that’s the way it should be everywhere. Especially here in Canada where arrogant politicians like Finley have been getting a free ride off the taxpayers for far too long! If anyone in this country needs to “get to work” it’s the Government of Canada.

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