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Singing, laughing and a lot of fun on the Drive Time Christmas special

Part 1

Part 2

While most of the time, Dave Glover is pretty serious on his weekday afternoon show, The Drive Time. Sometimes, he knows how to have some fun, as well. This is the Christmas Special aired on Dec. 23, 2015 with special guests Neil and Ellen Torie and Matt Blundell, sing-alongs, and Dave crooning a few tunes, too. Continue Reading →

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Hard talk on hardball politics with journalist Amy MacPherson

A wide ranging interview with journalist Amy MacPherson about the federal election and politics during the Drive Time with Dave Glover on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Amy MacPherson is a freelance investigative journalist, based in Ontario. Her research is dedicated to politics, public policy, economic and social justice, with a penchant for going beyond the mainstream to produce original analysis of controversial subjects Continue Reading →

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Rowden’s published response to recent column

This is an excerpt from a column by Councillor Forrest Rowden entitled: Please abide by Town bylaws

I would like to let you know that I do support dog owners in the Town of Cobourg. I have been working with Councillor Larry Sherwin (not Jay Sherwin as columnist Robert Washburn indicated in last week’s column) for the last three years to secure a suitable off-leash site so that no one is in violation of any bylaws. The conservation area, also known as James Cockburn Park, is a park for everyone and not just a ‘dog park’. All conservation areas within the Ganaraska Region Conservation Area allow dogs to walk with their owners on leash only, which has been a rule of the GRCA for quite some time. Cobourg Council is trying to accommodate all types of users, which is why we have a library, a skating rink downtown, Legion and soccer fields, walking and bike trails, and bicycle lanes for cyclists to feel safer when riding on our streets. Continue Reading →

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Provincial election already underway, unofficially

By Robert Washburn

With the recent visit of Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak to Northumberland last week and Premier Kathleen Wynne’s upcoming visit to Port Hope next week, it appears the unofficial general election in Ontario is already underway. It is serious campaigning. Taxpayers pay some of it, as politicians devise ways to make it look like government business; and other times it is a partisan event funded by the party. It is an opportunity to streamline messages, field test policies, and take the temperature of the electorate. Meanwhile, there is plausible deniability where no one admits they are in election mode. Continue Reading →

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Ice storm 2013 – a visual story

Local photographer Warren McCarthy shared these amazing photos of various locations around Cobourg of the recent ice storm. While there were some pretty hard hit areas and people went without power, there is another side to the storm, which he has captured in these beautiful images. Consider This is grateful for his contribution. Thanks, Warren. Now, enjoy. Continue Reading →

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