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Kindness, compassion is response to Trump’s politics

If the election of Republican Donald Trump was a shocking event for some, the few days since his triumph last week has sent progressive voters into further fits of anxiety and despair. But there is a ray of hope in an otherwise dark cloud. In a surprising, yet resounding, victory the new president-elect drew a swift reaction as many bemoaned his misogynist, racist, xenophobic, anti-Islam, pro-abortion campaign, claiming absolute disbelief he could win. Insta-pundits abounded on social media, as well as in the mainstream, predicting ultimate doom. Almost immediately, some of those who oppose Trump have taken to the streets in protest in multiple events across America and in Canada. Continue Reading →

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Basic income, an idea whose time has come

Guaranteeing a basic income to Ontarians living below the poverty line appears to be an idea whose time has come. And, while it may seem obvious who is going to benefit from this plan, it is not. Starting in April 2017, a basic income program pilot project will be introduced at a cost of $25 million. The province is waiting for a report from Senator Huge Segal regarding the implementation. It was supposed to be released in August but was delayed. Continue Reading →

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Local MP needs to respond to federal health care funding

Doing her best impression of Old Mother Hubbard, Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott told her provincial counterparts last week the cupboard was bare when it comes to health care transfers, leaving Northumberland Hills Hospital and other rural providers facing an even bleaker future. Philpott left no doubt the Canada Health Transfer, the federal contribution to health care costs will be reduced, following the day-long meeting with provincial and territorial health ministers last Tuesday in Toronto. Until now, the federal government provided a six percent increase annually. Instead, it will only go up by three percent next year. Some estimates calculate a loss of $60 billion over the next decade. Continue Reading →

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